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Santich is smiling and confident about herself and what she proposes: she is a jurist – she has a degree in private law from Abidjan – and has undergone various trainings including the international New Vision certification.

Her start-up is called PRIORG, and you can also find her on Facebook: she carries out coaching activities on behalf of schools, medium-sized companies and other organised entities, to help their members – mainly students, and young professionals – to organise themselves and manage their time efficiently. Her courses explain how to use real tools – applications for example – or ‘mental’ tools to manage time, appointments, expected results and to get the best out of one’s performance, realising one’s own goals and those of the companies or organisations they come from.

Hers is what is known as a ‘individual enterprise‘: a new legal status that is very suitable for those in technical professions, who can in this way move out of informality, but also – and this is Santich’s case – for young professionals: it has simplified tax management and is much more flexible than the one provided for collective enterprises. “My business could only start as a single entrepreneur and then expand over time: Work Is Progress really believed in my talent“.

The start-up fund, guaranteed by our programme, was mainly for her to register the business and attend specialised training to certify her activity. The accompaniment process included, as per the HUB’s methodology, two months of pre-incubation and, after the selection that allowed her to obtain the fund, three years of quarterly monitoring that has, in her case, just begun.