Promotion of work and support to entrepreneurship as tools for innovation and social inclusion, activation of job placement paths, promotion of awareness-raising activities.

Individuals in precarious employment conditions living in the San Siro district and, in general, in the metropolitan city of Milan.


The VIA ABBIATI – THE ROAD TO INTEGRATION project, carried out in synergy with Alfabeti ODV and Shifton, has the following objectives:

1) Reactivating the space in Via Abbiati 4 as an innovative service for the neighborhood, promoting the exchange between the S. Siro neighborhood and the city of Milan

2) Promoting new work and entrepreneurial opportunities and the economic integration of vulnerable people through work and business development support activities

3) Fostering information and awareness-raising activities on issues related to migration, legality and labor exploitation

4) Cultivating synergies with existing networks and projects, transforming Via Abbiati into a place of integration, welcome and social innovation within the neighborhood

5) Promoting community activation on the theme of non-communicable diseases and the adoption of healthy lifestyles, also through the LIFE+ project.

Implemented with the support of: ALER- Lombardy Region, Convatec