Promotion of employment and support for entrepreneurship as tools for innovation and social inclusion, activation of job placement pathways, promotion of outreach activities.


People in a precarious employment status residing in the San Siro neighbourhood and in the metropolitan city of Milan.


The “VIA ABBIATI – THE ROAD TO INTEGRATION” project, implemented in synergy with Alfabeti ODV and Shifton, has the following objectives:

  1. Reactivate the space of Via Abbiati 4 as an innovative service for the neighbourhood, fueling the exchange between the S. Siro neighbourhood and the city of Milan:
  2. Promote new job opportunities, entrepreneurship and economic integration of vulnerable people through work and business development support activities.
  3. Promote information and awareness-raising activities on issues related to migration, legality and labour exploitation
  4. Cultivate synergies with present networks and projects, transforming Via Abbiati into a place of integration, reception and social innovation within the neighborhood
  5. Promote community activation on the topic of non-communicable diseases and the adoption of healthy lifestyles also through the LIFE+ project


Implemented with the support of:

ALER- Lombardy Region, Convatec