Accompanying holders and applicants for protection on a training and professionalisation pathway that enhances skills and promotes lasting job placement


180 persons with international protection who are in the territory of Milan and its hinterland.


There are almost 300,000 beneficiaries of protection in Italy, people forced to flee their country because of armed conflicts and/or human rights violations. The factors hindering their access to the world of work are many, such as poor knowledge of the language, traumatic experiences, lack of knowledge of the work culture in Italy, difficulty in bringing out the skills possessed, impossibility of investing time and resources in their training, lack of recognition of qualifications, mismatch between the skills required by the labour market and the skills possessed. Often the great qualities and resources possessed risk being suffocated by the fragilities that characterise the situation of refugees and asylum seekers. The Skills Academy project focuses on enhancing and developing the skills, both technical and transversal, of those in our country who are trying to build a life for themselves in order to promote their rapid and lasting integration into the world of work.


The Skills Academy includes:

-Intake interview with a tutor

-Hard skills development courses:

vocational training in sectors with a high mismatch between labour demand and supply on the market
orientation on active job search tools and channels
development of digital skills
development of specific language skills
training for obtaining licences and certifications (HACCP, forklift truck)
-Pathways for developing soft skills

Empowerment and socialisation activities
soft skills for the labour market
-Multidisciplinary support: legal counselling, psychological counselling, mediation and orientation to services.

-Company matching with companies