Assistance, support and socio-occupational integration of trafficked women to prevent the risk of retrafficking.


Women and girls who are victims of human trafficking come from third countries and arrive in Spain, France, Italy and Greece.


he project aims to provide adequate assistance and support to trafficked women and to contribute to their socio-economic integration in the host country, preventing the risk of re-trafficking through the promotion of effective and multidimensional re-integration programmes adapted to the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

This project aims to contribute to increasing the assistance, support, protection and integration of trafficked women, focusing on the social and economic inclusion of this target group to avoid the risk of retrafficking.

The project foresees, in particular, 4 specific objectives

  1. Provide a method of concrete assistance for VdT women to manage the impact with the reality outside the mechanisms of trafficking;
  2. Facilitate durable solutions for the socio-economic inclusion of VdT women in the host country;
  3. Improving cooperation in the field of socio-economic inclusion of LTW women through the exchange of experiences and practices with other actors active on the topic at national and European level;
  4. Raise awareness on the importance of effective socio-economic inclusion to prevent re-entry into trafficking; Ensure visibility for the project’s activities and results.

These 4 objectives correspond to as many expected results:

  1. Women identified as victims of trafficking improve their situation through access to specific services tailored to their specific needs and situation.
  2. VdT women acquire tools and skills recognised and valued by the local labour market, which can facilitate their inclusion and stability in suitable jobs.
  3. The project partners and other key stakeholders intensify their expertise and work on effective strategies to support the care and socio-economic integration of VdT women, also through comparison with other projects and previous work in this area.
  4. Civil society has a basic knowledge of the EU Anti-Trafficking Directive (2011/36/EU) and the EU document “Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings” (2021-25).

Project activities will take place in Italy, Spain, France and Greece. The 4 countries involved will create a model that can effectively contribute to the social and economic integration of trafficked women through a multidimensional approach modelled on their specific needs. The model will be adaptable, scalable and transferable, and the development of specific materials, training activities and the international dissemination of activities may lead to a broader impact at European level, inspiring other countries beyond the territorial dimensions of the project.

In the long run, the project will contribute to increasing public awareness of EU values such as respect for human dignity, fairness and non-discrimination.

Implemented with the support of: European Union – ASYLUM, MIGRATION AND INTEGRATION Funds


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