Training and development of non-formal and informal skills to support the entry of migrant women and mothers into the labour market.


Migrant women and professionals working for the integration of migrant women in the labour market in Italy and in Spain, Norway, Belgium and Slovakia.


Migrant women, and especially mothers, represent a particularly vulnerable group, often excluded from the work world. The skills acquired in the country of origin or the ones developed in the migratory context are not recognised and women face significant obstacles in gaining the new skills needed to find employment.

The objective of the MOMDIG Project is to map and develop the competences of migrant women and mothers, and to support them in the acquisition of the non-formal and informal skills that are necessary to facilitate their entry into the labour market.

The MOMDIG Project aims to achieve its objective through:

  • The development of a complete CV designed around the specific needs of migrant women and mothers
  • The creation of a training programme for trainers and educators working in the field of inclusion and integration

The trainings will see a piloting phase in each of the countries involved in the project, to test the actual effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of the protagonists.


Realized with the support of:

European Commission – Erasmus + Funds