Through training and orientation activities, we intervene to improve the personal and professional well-being of migrant women in vulnerable situations, fostering their autonomy and self-development.


60 migrant women residing in Lombardy and with a long-term residence plan.


The MIH – Make It Happen! project is implemented in collaboration with Randstad Italy – Randstad HR Solutions S.r.l., and aims to support the migrant women involved through

– the development of knowledge and skills useful for pursuing their personal and professional project

– the strengthening of self-awareness, of their personal and environmental aspirations and resources, also through orientation activities to services and the context in which they live.

The main activities of the training pathway include: Italian language, financial education, workers’ rights and duties and contract types.

The orientation activities, on the other hand, aim to guide women along a path that strengthens their self-awareness, orients them to local services and involves them in social and cultural visits.