Guidance for housing inclusion, activation of experiences of family accommodation and solidarity co-housing; soft skills development paths, orientation to the labor market and placement support; support for the recognition of foreign qualifications, for the raising of basic qualifications and the acquisition of a driving license; socialization activities.

100 beneficiaries of international protection from Milan, Monza and Brianza who have been out of the reception system for no more than 18 months.


The INTEGR-ACTIONS FOR AUTONOMY project, implemented in partnership with Refugees Welcome Italia, has the following objectives:

  1. Increasing housing opportunities and the finding of independent accommodation, promoting the activation of experiences of reception in families and solidarity co-housing/social cohousing;
  2. Increasing employability and job start-up through soft skills development and labor market orientation, skills assessment, training on active job search and placement support, orientation for the start-up of self-employment activities, obtaining a driving license and support for the recognition of foreign qualifications;
  3. Promoting the inclusion of beneficiaries in the institutional, associative and cultural life of their contexts of residence through socialization activities and the implementation of mentoring paths.

Implemented with the support of:

Ministry of the Interior – ASYLUM, MIGRATION AND INTEGRATION FUND, AMIF 2014-2020, Specific Objective: 1 . Asylum– National Objective: ON1 – lett c) – Strengthening of the 1° e 2° welcoming system.