Creation of a training and accompanying course to guide small and medium-sized organisations towards the adoption of methodological and technical solutions for a data-driven approach to work.


Operators of non-profit organisations (ETS and CSOs).


Implemented in collaboration with Gnucoop, “GET DATA – An enabling framework for the data-transformation of the third sector” aims to support the creation of an environment that facilitates the transition of small and medium-sized organisations towards a data-driven approach, through a training and accompaniment path towards the adoption of innovative methodological and technical solutions.

The project proposes 4 strands of activities leading to the acquisition of as many skills:

I) Get connected: cycle of webinars aimed at increasing knowledge on possible solutions to data-transformation problems.

II) Get trained: training aimed at acquiring the necessary skills for data-transformation

III) Get sustained: mentoring course aimed at implementing specific solutions for each organisation.

IV) Get engaged: animation of a virtual environment aimed at making organisations grow by exchanging experiences with experts and other organisations.

Realised with the contribution of: Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation