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Khema is a 41-year-old woman who fled Tibet five years ago, due to political persecution.

She first migrated to Nepal, where she worked small jobs as a domestic helper and babysitter, then she got on a plane and arrived in Italy. After a very difficult initial period spent in dormitories, reception centres and private homes, she managed to obtain refugee status and was welcomed by an Italian family from the Refugees Welcome network, with whom Work Is Progress collaborates closely.

She was immediately taken in by our staff but, shortly after starting to work with our job counsellor, Khema was diagnosed with cancer. The treatment cycle thus began, and when it ended we resumed the job placement process with her. Due to the disease, Khema is very debilitated and can no longer do heavy work. The Work Is Progress team supports her with her disability application and registration in the protected categories, which she has already started. Thanks to the collaboration with Afol-Città Metropolitana, after a short time she was offered a job as a cleaner in a small electronic components company in the Milan area, where she was placed thanks to the ‘targeted employment’ mechanism, which allows people to be properly assessed according to their work abilities, so that they can be hired in the right job.

The meeting with you was positive,” she tells us, as she continues our follow up activities to ensure that her work and personal journey continues in the best possible way. “You explained the project clearly, you asked me about my health, you were kind and helpful, it was easy to talk. I did not realise that I would start working so quickly. Without all your support I would not have found a job on my own. Thank you!