In the area of French-speaking Africa, the socio-occupational inclusion program mainly carries out activities of:

  • Reception and guidance for beneficiaries
  • Collective enterprise incubation desk
  • Individual enterprise incubation desk
  • Desk for strengthening and professionalizing associations

Set up in Morocco in 2003, since 2020 it has extended to the Ivory Coast in Abidjan, Bouaké, Korogo and Daloua, with a funding from the San Zeno Foundation and the Ministry of the Interior.

The regional representative is the only person of Italian nationality, together with the Head of Management Control, in all three Countries managed by the area (Morocco, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso). The local staff is made up of more than 35 people of Moroccan, Ivorian, Burkinabe and other African nationalities, 8 of whom occupy transversal, stable and managerial roles.

Year by year, it aims to involve other countries in French-speaking Africa, leveraging the connections forged thanks to the multiculturalism of the staff and the frequent exchanges between countries where Soleterre is present.


Where it all began

2003, Arrival in Morocco

Tracing back the migratory routes in the opposite direction, Work IS Progress landed in Moroccoin the region with the capital Settat, where our administrative office is still located.

In the first years, we worked on women’s craft cooperatives and carried out activities in the areas of Casablanca, Marrakesh and Rabat.

2014, EduCare Pilot Project

This was the year when we officially launched our work program in the country, with the opening of our office in the capital Rabat and the kick-off of the “EduCare” project, funded by the Cariplo Foundation and the La Caixa Foundation, in partnership with the Catalan NGO Casal dels Infants, with which we offered our support to the creation of 2 social enterprises, both active in the educational field.

2016, Second Edition of EduCare

Thanks to the renewed confidence of the bank foundations, we were able to launch a new phase of the project, which allowed us to support the setting up of 15 Start-Ups, mostly nursery schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Tangier, Rabat and Casablanca.

2018, Execution of the ES.Maroc Regional Program

” – Entreprise Sociale ” is a real “country program” dedicated to socio-occupational inclusion, born within the framework of Soleterre’s international program, but with a specific focus on the French-African region It received financial support from the Cariplo Foundation and the Peppino Vismara Foundation.

At the same time, the European Union financed a project aimed at non-Moroccan migrants legally resident in Morocco, which has grown to more than 250,000 over the years.

We also opened an office in Tangier and launched the e-Learning School for associations.
A milestone in the development of the program in the country is the creation of the local association whose Board includes, on a voluntary basis, some Soleterre staff members.

2020, ES.Maroc Job Exhibition

The first edition of the Exhibitionwas held at the end of December and lasted 3 months, with the first days dedicated to events and seminars, and the following 12 weeks to job interviews and networking between Start-Ups and companies. More than 20 Moroccan and international companies and 40 Start-Ups participated as recruiters. More than 2000 young people participated. The exhibition was mainly held online.

2021, our Hubs and the Emancipation of ES.Maroc

There are currently two hubs operating in Morocco, one in Rabat, the main one, and one in Tangier at the Ministry of Youth and Sport. These co-working spaces are aimed at encouraging the activation of synergies and collaborations between different actors in the area.

Both are directly managed by the association and Soleterre is the main partner. The local association has built up its own specific positioning and has become an independent beneficiary of various funds, including institutional ones (EU, IOM, Tavola Valdese).


In 2022, we achieved some important goals:

  • 5767 people welcomed in the Hubs
  • 66 individual and collective Start-Ups selected and financed
  • 5000 euro is the average value of the allocated Start-Up fund
  • 176.716 euros in Start-Up funds provided directly by the program
  • 44 CSOs, associations and community organisations involved
  • 56 young people received work grants or internships
  • 188 Start-Ups launched and supported
  • 192 total hours of training provided by the e-Learnig School program for capacity building of local associations

Ivory Coast

A new chapter

2020, Arrival in the Ivory Coast

In 2020, the Work Is Progress program expanded to the Ivory Coast, thanks to a donation from the San Zeno Foundation and the Ministry of the Interior.

2021, the new branches

In 2021, two new branches were opened, a main one in the country’s most important commercial centre, Abidjan, and an office in Bouaké.

2022, the second edition of Edu.Care

In 2022, in addition to the partnership with the San Zeno Foundation, we activated a partnership with the Viminale, donor of the Dignité project in partnership with the NGO AVSI. This year we activated a partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to provide support to Ivorian migrants who have returned home and wish to start their own business.

After an initial identification of Ivorian returnees in Ivory Coast, the IOM recommends Soleterre suitable profiles to receive our technical advice and then finances the most deserving start-ups.

Since the end of 2022, a job placement desk has been active at the Abidjan office.


In 2022, we achieved some important goals:

  • 75 individual and collective business plans formulated
  • 115 technical advices on production, marketing, administration, finance, legal aspects, etc.
  • 85.000 euro is the average value of the allocated Start-Up funds
  • 428 beneficiaries reached by the project


The permanent partners of the program include:

A high number of associations, 7 of which are also headquartered at the Hub, as part of the strengthening and professionalizing service for the local world of associations. Among them, 3 are associations of non-Moroccan migrants living in Morocco.

“The Soleterre Work Program in Morocco and Francophone Africa”

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