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In French-speaking Africa

In the area of French-speaking Africa, the socio-occupational inclusion program mainly carries out activities of:

  • Reception and guidance for beneficiaries
  • Collective enterprise incubation desk
  • Individual enterprise incubation desk
  • Desk for strengthening and professionalizing associations

In Morocco

We have been operating in Morocco for 20 years through an operational office in Rabat and an administrative office in Settat, and several territorial branches in the north-central area of the country. Thanks to the development of numerous consolidated partnerships with institutional actors and civil society organisations, we have set up the Work Is Progress programme under the local name of ES.MAROC, co-managed with the local association of the same name,, which was set up in 2017 with our technical support and has become our strategic partner. Through two hubs, in Rabat and Tangier, the programme was structured to promote the employment of disadvantaged young people through the incubation of collective start-ups, technical and financial assistance to individual micro-enterprises, the placement of young people in companies and non-profit organisations, and the strengthening of local associations through an e-learning school. The Hubs are characterised by the use of innovative tools and solutions in the enhancement of the professional skills of their users, half of whom are non-Moroccan nationals, mainly from sub-Saharan countries, who are also provided with legal support, complementing and enhancing national public services supporting access to employment. Thus, to date, Work Is Progress has made it possible to launch more than 100 collective start-ups and more than 200 individual ones in Morocco, which have been specially selected, accompanied and financed, and many others to which technical assistance has been provided. Since 2020, the Programme has organised an innovative job fair in December each year, also aimed at encouraging direct encounters between young jobseekers and national and European companies, as well as giving visibility to the start-ups supported. The work carried out by the Hubs has had a great echo in Morocco and requests to access its services have grown rapidly. In 2023, a virtuous model of circular mobility and regular migration between Morocco and Italy was also experimented, thanks to which young Moroccans, after pre-departure training and constant support from our multidisciplinary staff in both countries, were able to carry out a training placement in Lombardy and Piedmont, and then be accompanied to their job placement in their country of origin once they returned, taking advantage of the services of the two HUBs.

In Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, the Work Is Progress programme was officially inaugurated in 2020, replicating the successful model previously implemented in Morocco. With the advice and supervision of the team working in Morocco, a multi-stakeholder territorial approach to the issue of job placement was reproduced, through the signing of long-term framework agreements with the Ministry of Labour, the National Youth Employment Agency and the Small and Medium Enterprise Association, and with the major associative partners involved in finding employment for unemployed young people, which led to the opening of the Hub Es.CotedIvoire in the capital Abidjan. The job insertion and social innovation centre is dedicated to young people aged between 18 and 35, and already has a network of branches and territorial antennae in other areas of the country: Bouaké and Dimbokro (central area) and Korhogo (in the north), where it offers qualified accompaniment to job search and micro-enterprise start-up, both individually and collectively. The Hub provides disadvantaged young people – including migrants who have returned to their country of origin from Europe or other African countries – with first information services, personalised coaching, work orientation and technical-financial assistance for self-entrepreneurship projects. To date, 24 collective enterprises have been accompanied and financed; more than 70 individual and collective enterprises have received technical accompaniment, and more than 40 young people have been employed by companies through employment contracts or internships. Côte d’Ivoire is also an active participant in the annual Employment Fair organised by Morocco, which takes place on a portal using 2D and 3D technology, and, as happened with the association, in mid-2023 Soleterre accompanied the creation of the local association ES. Cote d’, formed by experts in business incubation, which is already a strategic partner of the programme thanks to the signing of a framework cooperation agreement.


In 2022, we achieved some important goals:

  • 2908 people welcomed and supported in the Hubs
  • 56 individual and collective enterprises financed
  • 1200 euro is the average value of the allocated Start-Up fund
  • 66.145 euros in Start-Up funds provided directly by the program to start and support enterprises
  • 13 CSOs, associations and community organisations involved
  • 32 young people received work grants or internships
  • 271 Start-Ups launched and supported
  • 96 total hours of training provided by the e-Learnig School program for capacity building of local associations


In 2022, we achieved some important goals:

  • 89 individual and collective business plans formulated
  • 236 technical advices on production, marketing, administration, finance, legal aspects, etc.
  • 30.000 euro is the average value of the allocated Start-Up funds
  • 712 beneficiaries reached by the project
  • 460 enrolled students at training and capacity building courses offered by the program


The permanent partners of the program include:

A high number of associations, 7 of which are also headquartered at the Hub, as part of the strengthening and professionalizing service for the local world of associations. Among them, 3 are associations of non-Moroccan migrants living in Morocco.

“The Soleterre Work Program in Morocco and Francophone Africa”

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