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Our distinctive feature, the sign by which you can recognize us


Our multidisciplinary team is made up of job counsellors, legal advisors, psychologists, linguistic and cultural mediators, who combine their skills to perform a global reading of the person’s needs and take charge of them. Each person who turns to us is welcomed and accompanied throughout the entire processof integration or reintegration into the labor market, with the activation of personalized inclusion paths and the provision of integrated services for the person and his or her family such as housing, work, school, psychological and legal support, etc.

Many companies, employment agencies, trade associations, local bodies and the Third Sector benefit from our intervention by sending their users to be supported, especially in the identification and personalized accompaniment phase, which is a particularly demanding process for them.


We work within a system logic to foster the development of integrated networks of services on the territory. To this end, we have entered into agreements and conventions with various organizations, including training bodies, employment agencies and companies.

The network fulfils a twofold task: on the one hand, it activates the resources needed to meet the specific needs of each person who turns to us; on the other, it allows us to intercept, in turn, the needs for which we can provide advice and support.


We have developed a territorial approach, aimed at activating the most valid resources in the area where the people we accompany live, because accessibility is fundamental to ensure the continuity of paths in the medium to long term.

With the progress of digital technology, the growing diffusion of communication media such as smartphones and tablets and the increasingly frequent use of easy-to-manage online platforms, we have extended many of our activities to new territories where we carry them out remotely.

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