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David was born in Cameroon and has been living in Morocco for 10 years. He has a passion – and a talent – for writing: he has published two books in Morocco on migration issues. He is now at home here, but in the past he did not have a permanently remunerative professional occupation.

In 2020 he and two partners set up AFRICA DREAMS LAND SRL: a communications agency that also organises cultural and social events involving artists from all over Africa. He is a real powerhouse of ideas: his company, which is now being launched, was ready to self-finance itself with events for the promotion of his books, but the path would have been hard and much more impervious if he had not encountered the Work Is Progress programme.

He was selected and he has received technical assistance (the so-called pre-incubation) from our local team, and he also recently obtained the first part of a grant that allows him to professionalise his SRL, starting with the website under construction, and the web presence. He would also like to have an office. Our consultants, experienced entrepreneurs, advised him against this, because keeping ‘fixed costs’ low is crucial for a start-up company.

However, the final choice in the future will be his, because the entrepreneur must also have a wide margin of discretion and Work Is Progress knows this. “They say good things about you” is his comment on the Incubator in Morocco and its people, talking about how he got to know the programme and approached it. He quotes some of his colleagues as saying that during the accompaniment process, he felt in a familiar and listening environment. His future and that of his company, as well as that of the whole continent, is certainly multicultural!